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Africa Biomass Company is your number one go-to company for biomass production and other agri-services. With an established national and sub-Saharan Africa footprint, we are the leaders in waste wood recycling and biomass. We assist farmers with orchard, vineyard and windbreak recycling by removing unwanted trees from the root and clearing the site for new plantations. We feed these trees through our wood chippers which produces waste wood chips. These chips are then used in mulch spreading and replaced back into the eco-system of the site. We further help governments with alien tree removal and use the by-product of this process for biomass. The horizontal wood chips produced from the removal of invasive alien trees are used a biomass fuel for a greener alternative to coal. Biomass generates heat or electricity.

Africa Biomass Company Range of Services

  1. Orchard, Vineyard and Windbreak Recycling: We use special machines and equipment to remove unwanted or old windbreaks, orchards and vineyards from root to tip. The wood chips generated from this process is then used as valuable mulch.
  2. Mulch Spreading in New and Established Plantations: The waste wood chips from orchard clearing is used on its own or with compost to produce valuable mulch for new plantations. We spread this mulch evenly and effectively.
  3. Biomass for Heat or Electricity Generation: We produce dimensional wood chips from alien invasive trees which are then used as biomass fuel for electricity and heat generation.
  4. Site Clearing and Preparation: We use highly specialised wood chippers and earthmoving equipment to quickly and efficiently clear sites for new plantations or construction.
  5. River Rehabilitation in Riparian Zones: We assist governments in removing alien invasive trees in riparian zones.
  6. SETA Certified Operator Training Facility: We offer complete wood chipper, tractor and other equipment operator training on-site or at our facilities.
  7. Workshop and Field Services:  We manufacture, repair, service and stock wood chipper parts in our workshop.

Africa Biomass Company

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