Action Cricket

Action Cricket, Netball, Hockey and Soccer!

Brackenfell Arena is a popular action sports arena located centrally in Brackenfell Shopping Mall. This arena holds four courts for action cricket, netball, hockey and soccer. Established in 1988, this space has been providing a safe and fun environment for the community to enjoy for years! The various sporting codes available ensure that there is something for every player.

This professionally managed arena offers quality service for all! Groups of friends, families and even strangers are welcome to join for their social sports year round.

More about Brackenfell Arena:

Brackenfell Arena is the perfect location for private functions, action themed birthday parties and corporate events. Their facilities hold indoor sports courts for action sports, a sports bar, large televisions located all around the premises, braai facilities, a kiosk, ATM and spacious men’s and women’s changing rooms.

This space is ideal for corporate team-building events to bring your employees together! There are various tailor-made packages available to ensure that you receive exactly what you are looking for at a competitive price.

Action netball:

Brackenfell Arena is known for dominating the action netball scene at a regional and national level. This fast, exciting sports game comprises two halves, timed at fifteen minutes. These shorter intervals allow for the charm of action sports – a jam packed experience unlike any other!

Action netball can be played socially or competitively. Brackenfell Arena supplies all the needed equipment for this game to ensure that you have the best time possible. The on-duty umpires will also guide you through the game. Rules are based similarly to outdoor netball, except in action netball the nets are an integral part of the game.

Action cricket:

Action cricket is a well-known, well-established game that all ages can enjoy. It is exciting, fast-paced and best played with eight players per side. These games typically last an hour and ten minutes and prove to be true to their name from the get-go! Action cricket can be played by a combination of men and women of all ages.

Brackenfell Arena has various leagues to suit players of all skill levels. This is a limited over’s game of equal participation, in which each player bowls for two overs and each batting pair faces four overs. A run is scored when batters cross the distance in between wickets and hit the ball into a different net’s scoring zone. Instead of being batted out, in action cricket, you simply lose three runs.

Action cricket uses a softer ball than normal cricket. Furthermore, it can be played on a league basis or casually with friends. If you are interested in playing this sport, or any of the action sports available at Brackenfell Arena, be sure to get in touch with them for more information about their rules and timetable.


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