Brackenfell Police Station

Brackenfell Police Station

Brackenfell Police Station aims to create a safe and secure environment for the Brackenfell community through dedicated service. Their mission is to, as far as possible, prevent combat that may threaten the safety of community members. Additionally, they aim to thoroughly investigate any crimes that occur, bring offenders to justice and actively participate in efforts that identify the causes of crime to prevent it where possible. In doing so, the officers at this police station strive to develop and maintain good relations with the surrounding community.

Police are responsible for enforcing laws and executing them. The Department focuses on enhancing communities, reducing violence against women and children, increasing overall convictions of corruption and fraud and maintaining supreme service delivery despite possible budget cuts.

How can Brackenfell Police Station help?

Brackenfell police station is centrally located and open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide any needed assistance for emergencies. They have a wide range of services available that include focussing on crime prevention, investigating and detecting existing instances of crime, prosecuting offenders, providing support and counselling to victims of crime and maintaining community engagement.

The importance of a police station in a community cannot be understated. They provide an invaluable service to those who live within their precinct. Brackenfell Police Station is no different and takes great pride in its ability to protect and serve the community.

The goals of the police force:

Community Safety

The Department of Police has identified community safety as essential for creating secure environments in South Africa. Doing so helps economic stability, improves the quality of life and maintains social steadiness.

Combatting Violent Crimes

Reducing violent crimes, especially against women and children, is a priority for the Department of Police. Brackenfell Police Department has enhanced its capacity and forensic support to achieve this goal. Furthermore, they have also improved their integrated criminal justice strategy.

Fraud and Corruption

The prevalence of fraud and corruption in public and private sectors has pushed the Department of Police to include the reduction of these crimes to the forefront of their goals. Through the facilitation of cybercrime investigation, they have improved their ability to identify, investigate and respond to crimes of this nature.

Mitigating the impact of reductions on performance

The recent economic recession has forced the Department of Police to tighten budgets. Despite this, they have worked diligently to maintain efficient operations and quality service delivery. Brackenfell Police Station has been unaffected by these reductions and continues to operate at peak efficiency.


Our Address:

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