Curro Brackenfell Primary

Curro Brackenfell Primary

Curro Brackenfell Primary is an independent school located centrally in this community. Their goal is to provide high-quality education to learners in Grade R to Grade 7. Through small classes, dedicated educators and an advanced curriculum, they empower students with the skills and knowledge needed to become successful in their future.

More about academics

Foundation Phase

The foundation phase at Curro Brackenfell primary spans from Grade R to Grade 3. In this phase, the school strives to provide the emotional and intellectual support required to manage the formal learning that begins at Grade 1. The learning approach in this phase focuses on gradually increasing leaner’s skills and knowledge in language and mathematics whilst improving their critical thinking skills.

Intermediate Phase

The intermediate phase encompasses Grade 4 to 7. In these grades, students are guided to adopt more abstract thinking and given the skill to work more independently. In addition, educators focus on preparing students for high school by equipping them with various 21st-century skills. This phase promotes critical thinking and encourages students to take charge of decision-making. The curriculum also includes specialised subjects such as Information Technology and Robotics.

From Grade 5, students are allowed to use tablets rather than textbooks in class. This shift aims to help expose students to the daily use of technology and better prepare them for the challenges they may face in future education. Several classes also make use of virtual reality to further this goal.

More about cultural activities

At Curro Brackenfell Primary, cultural activities are a primary focus. They believe balanced participation in sports and culture and a focus on academics are necessary to develop a well-rounded individual. Participating in cultural activities also builds friendships, creates team dynamics and enhances confidence. The activities available at this school were outlined according to what would help students discover new talents and broaden their horizons.

This school also has a sought-after ‘Curro Create’ programme to help students focus on developing their talents. The Curro Arts Superhero is a mentorship programme where students are encouraged to discover and develop inherent talents. The Curro Create National Youth Theatre Festival is a programme that focuses on drama and theatre through one-act plays run by students. In addition to this, the school has an acclaimed music department with an award-winning choir and music-enrichment classes.

Value-added programmes from Curro Brackenfell Primary

Students attending Curro Brackenfell Primary will also benefit from their range of value-added programmes. These are aimed to enrich student’s school experiences and include activities like:

  • Educational tours
  • Camps
  • Excursions
  • Workshops


Our Address:

67 Vredeveld St, Brackenfell, Cape Town, 7560


-33.8998416, 18.6872225