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Seeking experts in Dry Carpet Cleaning in Brackenfell? Look no further! We offer dry carpet cleaning services of a superior standard for domestic and commercial requirements. Our carpet cleaning services are suitable for fitted carpets, loose carpets, upholstery and office cleaning. We strive to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients and our services therefore include the thorough vacuuming of your carpets, resulting in an exceptional standard of hygiene and cleanliness.

Our services and products

We only make use of German designed and manufactured Sebo products when cleaning carpets for our clients. Sebo products are some of the most renowned in the domestic cleaning industry and therefore enables us to provide guaranteed cleaning services to our clients. Sebo’s revolutionary dry carpet cleaning powder is especially convenient as there is no waiting time required once your carpets have been cleaned. The powder is simply rubbed into the carpet to absorb all dirt particles and is then vacuumed, leaving you with carpets that look and feel clean and fresh.

The powder we use is also anti-bacterial and has the proven ability to eliminate dust mites. Therefore, your home will be clean and and more hygienic. Also, if you have pets living in your home, you will be glad to know that Sebo-products are able to effectively remove pet hairs from your carpets.

If you are thinking about spring-cleaning and you need someone to tackle your carpets, be sure to contact Deon on 084 564 8225, for a free consultation.


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