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Ecentric Payment Systems is your one stop, omnichannel payment solutions partner. We provide accurate, reliable and easy to maintain solutions for instore and online payments, back office management and reconciliation.

Founded in 1998, we have found success through continuous innovation. By thriving in this innovation, we are proud to provide our clients with the latest and greatest in payment processing solutions. Our ultimate goal is to assist you in gaining control of your business through leading technical expertise and infrastructure for the most beneficially financial situation.

With services suitable for all sized businesses, our clients can rest assured that our services meet all relevant compliance regulations as set out by the PCI DSS. Further to this, we are proud to be identified as the first decryption provider in South Africa, which speaks to our experience in the industry.

The uniqueness of our payment processing

Through constant innovation, we are thrilled to have assisted clients through expansion into Sub-Saharan Africa. With this, our processing has branched through to over 17 African countries. With active-active solutions, we are able to maintain a near 100% uptime on a 24/7/365 basis to ensure that your business never has to pause for payment processing. This is achieved through our two geographically separated locations.

Our solutions

  • Switching services that link all customer channels to relevant issuers and acquirers for fast and efficient payment processing of instore and online transactions.
  • ReconAssist is our automated reconciliation software that helps determine the difference between what is processed for the day and what was retrieved.
  • Money Transfer services for retailers to allow their customers to easily send cash to a beneficiary using their chosen channel.
  • Our online payments gateway assists businesses in creating a convenient, easy to use and secure online shopping payment platform.
  • The Ecentric OmniHub platform gives retailers access to various participating digital providers to offer their clients an array of VAS, all through a single integration.

Managed by a team of experienced specialists, our payment processing services allow your business to process millions of transactions simultaneously. These transactions are done seamlessly, online or instore. Interested in learning more about payment processing solutions for your business? Feel free to contact the specialists at Ecentric.

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