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If you suffer from loose and/or fungal damaged nails, you will know just how uncomfortable and unseemly it can be. You do not have to let it influence you anymore, Fix-4-Nails® offers a fast and effective solution.

Fix-4-Nails® was founded in 2007. The formula was discovered in 1970 already, by a pharmacist named Willie Fourie. The age-old formula has always been used to treat various nail conditions, including loose nails, or nail fungus. The formula works directly on the source of the problem underneath your finger- or toenails.  Getting rid of the problem from its root, promotes the regrowth of healthy, fungus-free nails.

Our enterprise delivers excellent service and we are always available to answer any questions concerning our products. Fix-4-Nails® is run by Willie and his family.

Our product       

Fix-4-Nails® is an easy-to-use product that effectively treats all loose and/or fungal damaged nails. Our product formula has assisted many clients over South Africa and Namibia to get rid of those unsightly, damaged nails. Our product is guaranteed to show results within 3-4 weeks of regular use.

To ensure the product’s efficiency, it should be applied twice daily – in the morning and evening. The formula, which is a liquid, should be applied directly to the nailbed (under the nail) so that the problem can be treated from inside out.

Our product is easy to obtain. You can find it at all major pharmaceutical outlets, such as Dis-Chem and Alphapharm. For extra convenience, the product is also available online, through distributors such as i-Heal.

Restore your nails today, get Fix-4-Nails®.


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