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Kip McGrath Durbanville is part of the global education brand that has become known for their effective structured learning programmes that have changed numerous learners’ lives. We offer extra lessons for learners that are still busy with school, grade R – 12, and need help with Maths, English, or Afrikaans. Our lessons work because we develop a learning programme that specifically aims to meet your child’s needs. Some of our other courses include a Study Skills course, a Reading course, and we also offer a School Readiness course.

All Kip tutors are qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate about helping learners achieve their full potential. After the free assessment, our tutors will know what your child needs in order to overcome certain learning difficulties. Our lessons are mostly face-to-face, although we also focus on computer-based learning.

Do not let your child struggle with school- and homework any longer, bring him/her in for a free assessment today.

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Our services

Enrolling your child for our specialist extra lessons at Kip McGrath Durbanville may be just what he/she needs to boost his/her academic confidence again in order to achieve academic success. Our lessons are structured to your child’s specific needs and are suited for learners from grade R – 12. Not only are our  tutors qualified teachers, but they are also passionate about assisting your child.

Our course offering includes:

  • Study Skills Course
  • Reading Skills Course
  • School Readiness Course
  • English Extra Lessons
  • Afrikaans Extra Lessons
  • Maths Extra Lessons

If you would like more information on any one of our courses, or our learning approach, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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