Hi, meet the Lightstruck Team

The Lightstruck team is comprised of highly skilled technical individuals who have more than a decade of experience in their abilities. We bring rapid and reliable fibre to interested communities across South Africa. We have 2 internet packages aimed at assisting clients in our Live areas with internet connectivity. Choose your speed – 20Mbps or 100Mbps. Our internet packages are brought to you by Yutiliti, a new division of Lightstruck.

Lightstruck brings you Yutiliti

Yutiliti is a division of Lightstruck and provides internet connectivity suited to use within your home. Yutiliti offers our clients in our Live areas a residential connection to the internet which is rapid and reliable. Cruise along the internet at lightning fast speeds. Experience fibre as a home user by making the best out of Yutiliti’s offering.

If you don’t have fibre yet, register your interest in fibre via our website or email. Once increased interest is registered, we can install fibre and offer you internet connectivity in lightning quick time! We are geared specifically for residential estates, complexes and gated communities. The more users that indicate their interest in your area, the quicker the process moves along. We aim to construct, connect so that you can enjoy world class fibre and amazing speeds! Join the revolution and get fibre in your area!


Yutiliti is the best digital service utility. Internet connection is quick and easy with our offerings. Suited for use within your home. Choose the package suited to your needs.

  • Basic Connection – 20 Mbps – geared for use by small families within their home.
  • Advanced Connection – 100 Mbps – geared for use by small to medium families within their home.

Register your interest in fibre within your area through us or choose a Yutiliti package in our Live Areas. We look forward to connecting you!

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