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As the proud inventor and sole supplier of Lexan’s ClearBars, Multisafe Security is a security service provider to be reckoned with. The ClearBars that we install have come to be known as the strongest transparent burglar bars in the world. This is a guarantee! ClearBars’ appeal lies in its transparency – this allows clients to install security measures at their home, without hampering their view or compromising the look of your home. These bars can be fitted and installed into any window opening, and will serve as the ultimate barrier against intruders.

Our ClearBars range was invented about 12 years ago, and today we have more than 50 installations teams all over South Africa, supplying this quality security products to thousands of clients. Over the years, we have installed more than 1200 kilometres of ClearBars. It is important that you contact us directly for your ClearBars installation, as the installation is extremely important to ensure that your burglar bars are impenetrable.

Our security options

The ClearBars available from Multisafe Security is manufactured with only top quality materials. They are produced form Carbon Fibre that is 5 times stronger than steel. This material is what makes these bars unbreakable by any human. ClearBars are 7mm X 30 mm transparent bars, that are spaced about 100mm-120mm apart over the surface opening, and installed separately.

Our burglar bars will be a great long-term investment, as they are scratch resistant and almost completely maintenance free.

Our products are mostly installed as burglar bars, but can be used for:

  • Transparent Balustrades
  • Transparent Security Gates
  • Transparent Pool Enclosures

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