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Speck Pumps is a world-renowned supplier of quality pool pumps, and pumps for spas and ponds. This leading supplier, of a large selection of pool accessories, is also available in South Africa and has been delivering unbeatable services to many households since 1969. Our German parent company has been in existence for over 106 years. We have designed and produced endless pumps and other accessories of an unbeatable quality over the world.

The company has grown immensely since we started operations in Cape Town in 1978. We have launched numerous products under the Speck Pumps brand, all of which have been successful. Our vision is to stay ahead with all the latest developments and technologies in the pool industry. The BADU-range of self-cleaning pool equipment is especially popular and is known for its world class quality.

Our products are made with innovation and durability in mind.

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    Our products and services

    All our products and services are supplied with the caretaking of your pool in mind. Our product range includes:

    • Pool Accessories: brushes, thermometers, rakes, and more.
    • Pool Lights: various energy-saving LED-lights in a range of styles.
    • Chlorinators: we offer cost-effective and low-maintenance saltwater chlorinators.
    • Pool Cleaners: automatic, efficient pool cleaners.
    • Pool Pumps & Filters: we will assist you in choosing the right pump and filter to keep you pool sparkling.

    Clients can rest assured that we are the experts when it comes to leading pool cleaning equipment. Visit our website for more information.


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