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The Leak Detection Company has been in operation in the leak detection and construction industry for years. With our years of experience in service delivery, we have come to be known as leak detection specialists in the Northern Suburbs. Our company is registered with regulated plumbing boards, such as the Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA), which means that our services are fully viable and available for all clients.

Our team is qualified and trained and aim to stay ahead with the latest developments in the plumbing industry. we have attended various international plumbing conferences which has broadened our knowledge on specific leak detection and plumbing problems. He also serves on . With all this continuous training, clients can expect quick and efficient service delivery from our leak detection specialists.

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    Our services

    The leak detection specialists at The Leak Detection Company, are trained and experienced in handling a variety of leak detection problems that occur every day. Our teams are on the road most of the time, delivering unbeatable service to clients in all areas of the Northern Suburbs.

    In order to perform our specialist service, we make use of the following detection techniques:

    • Specialised Dyes: we can detect a small leak by throwing dyed water over the area containing a leak, the dye will be sucked into the leak, allowing us to fix it.
    • Thermal Imaging Equipment: we can detect leaks anywhere with our thermal equipment. It allows us to capture images showing hot and cold water supplies on our camera screen. This is an effective, non-invasive detection technique.
    • Audio Testing: our audio testing equipment picks up on vibrations caused by water pressure, allowing us to detect a leak in any pipe.
    • Pressure Testing: through this method we can detect leaks by testing the water pressure and flow on various pipes.

    For all leaks, contact the team at The Leak Detection Company. It is better to fix a leak as fast as possible, before it causes major damages.

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