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These days, ranking at the sop of search engine results has an enormous impact on your business. It largely affects the amount of client enquiries that you receive, since many clients (almost 90%) only look for a service within the first page of a search result. We know that many businesses cannot afford to lose business, which is why we provide you with a solution in the form of The SEO Guru.

The SEO Guru specialises in the employment of various strategies and techniques to ensure that your business ranks at the top of any search result. By developing a unique keyword strategy for your business, as well as link-building, social media, and more, we will correct the on- and off-page optimisation of your website to make sure that you gain more online visibility. This will increase your number of business leads enormously.

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    What we provide

    The SEO Guru is a brand of Cape Business Online. Therefore, clients can expect unrivalled service delivery and expert results. The SEO Guru provides professional SEO solutions to gain more leads and exposure for your business. Our track record shows that the correct optimisation of your website, will lead to more visibility online, which will lead to more enquiries and more business

    We understand the way that a search engine, like Google, works and this allows us to generate more online visibility for our clients.

    Our SEO services will:

    • Increase the number of online enquiries you receive
    • Eliminate any need to cold call for more clients
    • Increase your overall profitability and cash flow
    • Help you to make more out of your business

    If you want to implement expert SEO strategies for your business’ benefit, feel free to contact us today.


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