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Enrich your mind at the Brackenfell Library!

Visiting a library is something that many people enjoy doing, whether they are school children searching for a book on space, or an adult looking for the perfect summer-time read. The Brackenfell Library provides visitors with the chance to escape into another world, and provides hours of fun for children and adults alike! It can be found in Paradys Street in Brackenfell, allowing for easy access of anyone who wishes to visit!

A library is not only a place where students go to research, but is a hub of knowledge and interest, with regular events going on that involve literature and information. One can find media (books, music, dvds, magazines), internet facilities, photocopies, research & more, as well as attend events such as market days, where books are sold, magazine sale days, various events related to national holidays, as well as exciting holiday clubs for children during school holidays. A library is a truly wonderful place to visit!

The Brackenfell Library provides all of these services and more! Read their advertisement below to find out more or to join their library family!