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The team at LMS are professional and passionate about assisting companies and businesses with their secretarial requirements. Louis Meyer Secretarial aims to provide competitively priced outsourced services across the country and to multinational companies with an interest in South Africa. Our team of expert and highly qualified individuals go the extra mile for each and every client they deal with. Whether you are only starting out or have had your business in operation for many years, we can assist you with your company secretarial needs. We have been helping clients since 1999 with their administrative and compliance needs. Our client portfolio boasts both local and international companies which have trusted us to solve their administrative duties for them.

LMS provides professional secretarial support

Louis Meyer Secretarial are proudly associated with the MMS Group of Chartered Accountants and MMS Cloud Accounting. The collaboration between the firms provide a holistic turnkey solution for companies needing financial reporting services, secretarial services and accounting services. Our values are based on the following principles:

  1. Connecting with our clients and providing personal service
  2. Understanding of our clients secretarial needs
  3. Solving the secretarial needs
  4. Integrity and professionalism
  5. Quality work
  6. Absolute commitment to solving our clients secretarial needs

Our portfolio of services include:

  • Shelf companies
  • Annual returns for CC’s and companies
  • Share capital amendments
  • Year-end and registered address changes for companies or CC’s
  • Company registration and de-registration
  • New non-profit and external companies
  • Directors, auditors and public officer amendments
  • Company register maintenance and updates
  • Business registration
  • Reinstatement of companies and CC’s
  • Company and CC name changes
  • Special resolutions
  • MOI
  • Company and CC Annual Duties
  • Other services conversion of CC’s

If you require any of the services above, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team via any of our channels. Call, email or submit an online form via our website.


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